Things to doPokhara Tour

  1. Paragliding


    Pokhara is undoubtedly the best destinations for paragliding flights in Nepal. To book a tandem paragliding flight conveniently, please visit our travel desk or reception and get discounted rates.

  2. World Peace Pagoda

    World Peace Pagoda

    If you want to shed some sweat and then enjoy a 360° view of Pokhara Valley from a hilltop, then Hiking to the World Peace Pagoda is one of the shortest yet enjoyable day tours in Pokhara.

  3. Phewa Lake

    Phewa Lake

    Fewa Lake Boating Trip is one of the easiest yet fun-filled activites you can get involved in during your Pokhara visit. There are 4-5 stations from where you can get a boat on hire.

  4. Sarangkot


    You need to wake up early in the morning and get prepared by 5:30am for a 30-minute car drive to the famous Sarankot to be able to view a magnificent sunrise that amplifies the beauty of Mt. Annapurna Range.

  5. Ultra-light Flight

    Ultra-light Flight

    Ultra-light flight is the best thing to do to get a bird’s view of beautiful Pokhara. By the ulra-light flight, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Himalayas and can watch beautiful lakes from the sky. It is a two-sitter flight along with pilot that operates from Pokhara airport beginning September through June.

  6. Bungee Jumping

    Bungee Jumping

    Bungee jumping in Pokhara is getting more popularity among adventure lovers. It is the second bungee jumping site in the country and it is located at a site 20 minutes from Lake Side of Pokhara. The fall is from a height of 70 meters over an artificial pond.

  7. Devid Falls

    Devid Falls

    The water forms an underground tunnel after reaching the bottom. This tunnel is approximately 500 feet (150 m) long and runs 100 feet below ground level.

  8. Gupteshwar Cave

    Gupteshwar Cave

    The Gupteshwar Cave is a sacred tourist destination. It is around two kilometers away from the Pokhara Airport. A symbolic Shivalinga is preserved in the cave. The cave has divided into two sections. One part of the cave is 40 meters in length with natural caves and the Shivalinga.